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…was recently laid off. Follow him as he attempts to find a new job.

Episode 1: Frank Leo Episode 1
Episode 2: Frank Leo Episode 2
Episode 3: Frank Leo Episode 3
Episode 4: Episode 4

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Starring Sergio Chicon, Joseph Vecsey, Kyle Ocasio, & Grant Cooper.

Written & Directed By Sergio Chicon –

Produced by Joseph Vecsey & Kenny Garcia, & Sergio Chicon

DIrector of Photography – Michael Biunno
Edited by Joseph Vecsey
Music by Micah Stull
Boom Operator and Sound Mixed by Michael Biunno

Special Thanks to Kyle Ocasio, Rob Gonzo, Drew Santorello,
Kaream Appleton, Carlos Cruz, Brendan Puskar, Vince Phillips,
Chris Spencer, Andrew Gibson, & Aaron Shapiro.